Reddit Art Contest and Mermaid Shooter 2 Annoucement!

Hello everyone! We have TWO exciting announcements for you today, the first of which can win a copy of Half Genie Hero plus some neat stuff the fans have generously donated. There are 3 categories to enter. Artwork, Cosplay and Video. On top of that, each category has a unique prize:


Artwork - Your winning submission will be put into Half Genie Hero's art gallery for all to see!

Cosplay - You will win a custom, hand made Risky's Saber by Paul Esquer of!

Video - You will win an gift certificate!

Additionally, all winners will receive their choice of platform of Half Genie Hero with Tinkerbat levels rewards! This includes the wallpaper, the game, digital OST, digital artbook, Tinkerbat transformation, both alternate costumes and Risky's Drifter Blade. **The art contest winner will have their name under "Featured Artist" in the credits**

Rules and Submissions

Interested? Here's how to enter. Submit your entry to r/Wayforward under the Contest Entry Post via comments and have a link to video, cosplay or artwork. Once you do that, you're Ret-2-Go!

There will be one first prize winner per category and 2 runner-up prize winners per category for 9 total winners.

Your submission should be Shantae related and safe for work. Your video can be a flash animation, a skit or whatever you like! **Please do not exceed 15 minutes in time on video submissions**

In the unlikely event that a category receives fewer than 3 submissions, that category may be cancelled.

Winners will be contacted for information via their original source. For example, if you win on Youtube, you will be contacted via Youtube.

**Each contest will have the following deadline**

December 1st 11:59pm for Artwork

December 15th 11:59pm for Cosplay

December 31st 11:59pm for Video

Feel free to mention that the Paypal option is still open for donations where your submission is originally posted. Shantae would love all the help she can get!

But wait, there's more! The Shantae fans are working together to make a new Mermaid Shooter in the style of Risky's Revenge Sunken Cavern stage. The game will be non profit and free to play. It will have an initial version to show what the gameplay is like with a couple stages and bosses. As time goes on however, there will be more stages, more bosses and more upgrades. There is also a chance for high quality stills in place of traditional cutscenes and voice acting!

So what is the game all about? Shantae will be in her mermaid transformation the whole game in an underwater adventure across Sequin Land. The five Golden Warp Squid Brothers have been kidnapped by a new adversary. Each stage will have a shooter section and a boss section. Each stage past the first will also have a unique element about it to test your skills. This makes for 10 levels total and we might just throw in a mega boss at the very end.

As for Shantae, she can upgrade her abilities with gems. In keeping with Risky's Revenge, there will also be magic jam to find and collect from bosses for better speed, attack, range and powerups. When she is fully upgraded, she will be a force to be reckoned with!

Furthermore, we will have updates as the game comes along including artwork, music, team reveal and screencaps!


The winners of the 3 Category Reddit Shantae Art contest at: have been announced!

Here are all the winning entries!

Art Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner

First up, HipsterAnt won the art contest! Look forward to his winning picture in Half Genie Hero!

Shantae by HipsterAnt

Runner Ups

Shantae Whatcha Playin by Air-City

Genie with a Big Heart by OmegaSunBurst



Cosplay Contest Winners


There were two cosplayers entries. Since there was only two contestants and Final Cataclysm did not want to cancel the category, they both win, but there is no first place prize.

Shantae Cosplay - Shantae in "Jam Jams" by HarleyQuinn

Shantae Cosplay - Dancing Shantae by Sunnahir


Video Contest Winners

There were only 3 video submissions in time for the contest deadline. Our winner is Nai255 with the Shantae Rap! He'll be getting an Amazon Gift Card in the near future for his hard work!

Grand Prize Winner

Shantae Rap by Nai255

Runner Ups

Kickstarter Shipping by MrMegaMattX

Shantae Dance by BlueBandanaJake

Thanks again to all who entered the contest! All winners here will receive Half Genie Hero for the platform of their choice, with Tinkerbat transformation and maybe the other digital goodies as long as Final Cataclysm gets the okay from WF. Look towards the future for something else they have planned.





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