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Shantae Advance was to be Game Boy Advance sequel to the original Shantae. At one point it was it was titled "Shantae 2: Risky Revolution". Although, the game was never released several screenshots and a few viewable demos posted by IGN show what the game could have been like and wow, does it look amazing! From the title screen it seems that the game was to feature a story mode and a battle mode, with the battle mode showcasing 4 miniature character versions of Shantae, Risky Boots, Bolo and Rotty Tops interacting in a rotating arena where they can climb metal grated fence that is similar in style to WayForward's first entry into the "Mighty" series, Mighty Flip Champs. Supposedly the Monkey and Harpy forms were to be a part of the game and Shantae was given the ability to swim rather well and dive into water without the need of a Mermaid transformation. Shantae Advance allowed Shantae to traverse between the foreground and background planes of a stage and could control a device called the Tremor Engine that allowed her to move the terrain in the background to access new areas.

Each of the seven IGN Shantae Advance Demos were posted with the date of 10/28/2003.

In Demo#1, Shantae speaks with her sparring partner Bolo and her friend Sky, who asks Shantae if she had been taking care of her war bird egg. Shantae explains that she is taking care of it behind her lighthouse that can be accesed using a hidden passage way under the lighthouse staircase. While this secret passage "so far" has not been included in official Shantae releases, this has not stopped many a Shantae-Fan or "Shantaerian" from whipping the lighthouse stairs for good measure. This allows Shantae to travel to a water filled area where it is shown that she can swim and dive quite deep without the need of a mermaid transformation as she crosses to the other side to pick up Sky's egg. This scene, although a bit different, was used in the real sequel "Risky's Revenge" along as part of a gameplay tutorial.

Demo#2 shows Shantae traversing a forest stage and fighting enemies showing how she can use an archway/gate to jump from the foreground to the background. A concept that carried over into Risky's Revenge.

Demo#3 shows Shantae sneaking up on Risky Boots and a group of tinkerbats as she is making plans to use the diabolical "Tremor Engine" that will wipe out Sequin Land for good. She orders her tinkerbats to guard the control switch for the device and leaves. Shantae makes quick work of Risky's minions and stomps on the control swith which triggers a giant landmass in the background to move rapidly on a set of large mechanical gears and it stops on what appears to be a labyrinth for Shantae to explore in the distance.

Demo#4 shows Shantae exploring a labyrinth with lots of running water and giant plants, spikes and floating platforms. The platforms that flip when Shantae whips them with her hair. These platforms made it into Risky's Revenge.

Demo#5 has Shantae making her way further into the labyrinth jumping across a set of unstable rock pillars that sink as soon as she lands on them.

Demo#6 shows some very nice effects of leafs falling and floating in the wind as Shantae makes her way through another section of the labyrinth and also one underwater section.

Demo#7 has Shantae solving a puzzle by figuring out the proper order of switches used for constructing a replica of a mural/statue in the background. She solves the room puzzle and collects a key.

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