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The Shantae Fans Portal - The official unofficial Shantae Web Forum Community!

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The Shantae Wiki - A massive wiki dedicated to the Shantae series!

The Shantae Steam Group - A Steam Group run by Tekaramity!

/r/Shantae - A subreddit for everyone's favorite half-genie!

/r/WayForward - A subreddit for everyone's favorite developer of everyone's favorite half-genie!

WayForward's Twitter - The Official Twitter Account. You know you wanna follow. Click it!

Shantae's Twitter - Probably wouldn't hurt to follow this one too!

Ask Shantae! Tumblr - Go ahead and send Shantae a question!

Crunchy Roll Shantae Fanart Contest- Half-Genie Hero Contest!

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